Sometimes it's fun to lose control

But not with your software architecture

That’s why we are creating the platform
to design, monitor and communicate your software architecture
for all of your team at all times

Are you tired of drawing boxes? Start creating software architecture

One problem...

Your team is trying to design and develop architecture with tools that allow you to draw boxes and not much more. You might as well use pen and paper

On top of this, you need to coordinate your work with your teammates and produce reliable documentation when you are done

The current available tools are not making your life easier

If you cant coordinate in real time you can soon lose control of the process and…

...with multiple victims

SW architects suffer

Software architect:
Too many tools, too many versions

You spend infinite hours coordinating multiple tools, to create documents that no one fully understands. These documents end-up outdated, and you are not sure how they have been implemented


Confuse guidelines, impossible reporting

You receive either too much information  or not enough . You try to fill the gaps, but how do you communicate to the rest of the team how you did it? 

business related people

Managers and business related people:
Low visibility

You see that the architects and developers are working hard and don’t want to slow them down, but you really need to know how the project is going and if it does what it should

It doesn't have to be that way. That's why we are building Clariteia.

1 tool, 1 purpose

Forget about coordinating a bunch of tools that are not made for you. You’ll be able to do everything regarding software architecture from one place, then export to other formats (if you want to)

Clarity for everyone

You have many stakeholders (developers, domain experts, managers…) with different needs. Give each of them what they need with just a few clicks

At every moment

From architecture design, to monitoring actual progress, and reviewing in depth what has been done. You will never loose control or visibility again

Design software architecture for

Configure, use and connect

For any architectural pattern

A single source of truth for software architects, developers and non-technical stakeholders that allows you to:

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