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Transform your business ideas into execution plans in minutes

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Automate Planning

Simplified, intuitive and thorough software planning

Just explain what you want to build. Our platform generates user personas, user stories, roadmaps, and requirements, offering both speed and depth to your projects.

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Organize your project’s direction and milestones with a structured roadmap.

Divided into epics and features, it ensures work is grouped into coherent sets of deliverables, providing clarity on the project’s progression.

User personas

Understand your target audience better. Generate detailed user personas that represent the various users of your product, capturing their needs, behaviors, and goals.

User Stories & Pains

Define what users aim to achieve and the challenges they face. Craft user stories that outline specific tasks or functions and identify user pains to address potential obstacles.


Ensure clarity in what needs to be built. Automate the creation of both functional and non-functional requirements, detailing the necessary specifications and criteria for your project.

Iteration (Coming Soon)

Continuously refine and improve. The upcoming iteration feature will allow for regular evaluations and modifications, ensuring your project remains aligned with evolving goals.

Upload Documents (Coming Soon)

Easily upload meeting notes, research, or other data for comprehensive product planning.

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How the Platform Works

1. Input Your Idea

Provide a brief summary or description of your business idea.

2. Wait for Project Generation

User personas, pains, stories, epics, and features are automatically generated. Once ready, you’ll receive an email with a link to your project.

3. Review User Personas

View the basic information of the identified target audience and delve deeper into the pains and stories of each persona.

4. Review the Roadmap

Explore a roadmap organized either by features or by epics, providing a clear direction for your project.

5. Generate Requirements

Interested in a feature? Generate its implementation details with just a click, ensuring you have all the information needed for development.


In action

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