Our History


The Genesis

In the heart of 2020, a client approached us with a challenge that would change our trajectory. They were grappling with intricate software architecture issues, and they turned to us for a solution. Our response? We didn’t just offer a temporary fix; we crafted a comprehensive framework for microservices. This wasn’t a short-term endeavor; we dedicated two years to perfecting it, ensuring it was robust, adaptable, and future-proof.

Open-Source Evolution:

Believing in the power of community and collaboration, we made our meticulously crafted microservices framework open-source. It was our way of giving back to the tech community, ensuring that many more could benefit from our innovations.


The Low-Code Exploration

With the success of our framework, we ventured into the realm of low-code solutions in 2022. But as we delved deeper, a recurring concern emerged from the community: the stagnant state of tooling for explaining and planning software. It was a revelation. We realized that while technology had advanced leaps and bounds, the tools for documenting and strategizing software had remained largely unchanged since the days of word processors.

Open-Source Evolution:

This was our eureka moment. We envisioned a platform that would revolutionize software planning. But we didn’t want to create just another tool; we aimed for a platform that was exponentially faster and more efficient than anything out there. A platform that would take a fraction of the time but deliver results that were leagues ahead of existing tools.

And thus, Clariteia was born. Rooted in our history of innovation and driven by the needs of the modern tech landscape, we’re here to redefine software planning for the future.

Meet the team




Carlos is our triple-threat leader, juggling business, law, and tech like a pro. With a past in venture capital, biotech startups, and private equity, he’s now the mastermind behind our product. When he’s not plotting Clariteia’s next big move, he’s probably on a culinary adventure, appreciating art, or getting lost on a road trip (don’t worry, he always finds his way back).



With over 15 years in software architecture and a notable stint as one of the younger tech directors at Università degli Studi di Milano, Andrea is our go-to tech guru. He’s the brain ensuring our tech doesn’t just work, but dazzles. And if you ever need a pilot, a driver, or a captain for your plane, car, or boat, Andrea’s your guy. Just don’t challenge him to a boxing match; he’s pretty good at that too.




Jesús wears many hats – from startup exec to lawyer, and now our operations maestro. He’s the guy ensuring everything runs smoothly, be it with our team, customers, or investors. Off-duty, he’s probably belting out tunes as the lead singer of his band or deep-diving into his vast collection of movies. We’re still trying to figure out how he does it all.

The Clariteia Manifesto

In a world of endless possibilities, we stand at the intersection of innovation, clarity, and automation. We believe in the transformative power of technology, but more importantly, in the clarity of purpose that drives it.

While technology evolves, the essence of a business idea remains. We are committed to translating that essence into actionable plans, ensuring that the core vision is never lost in the technicalities.

We harness the power of automation not to replace, but to enhance. By automating intricate processes, we free minds to focus on creativity, strategy, and innovation.

We don’t just provide solutions; we enlighten. By demystifying the tech landscape, we empower every entrepreneur, developer, and dreamer to navigate it with confidence.

In the age of AI and automation, we champion the human spirit. Our platform is a meeting ground for diverse minds to collaborate, iterate, and refine their visions.

While we value the present, our eyes are set on the horizon. We’re constantly evolving, anticipating the needs of tomorrow, and ensuring our users are always a step ahead.

In the intricate world of software planning, we strive for simplicity. Not just in our solutions, but in our approach, our interactions, and our ethos.

No dream is too small, no vision too grand. We respect every idea that comes our way, nurturing it with the tools, automation, and insights it needs to flourish.

While the destination is important, we cherish the journey. The process of transforming an idea into reality, aided by automation, is a journey we’re honored to be a part of.

Join us in redefining the future of software planning. Embrace clarity, champion innovation, and let automation guide us as we build the future, together.

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